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BarCamp geek/people watching

I don't post very often but did want to share this photo from Sydney BarCamp4 which was held on the weekend. I've used an lj-cut as the image is quite large (1024x530).

post BarCamp drinks.

You may recall my other picture submission to people_watching was from Sculptures by the Sea in 2007. Any feedback welcome and appreciated
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The two on the far left seem to really be in a flowing and internally energetic (at least to the one in the white t-shirt) conversation.
I'm guessing the guy in the centre of the photo is pretty dominating... as is the woman he's talking too (or she is feeling attacked).
The girl in the green shirt seems genuine in her conversation, probably; though Mr. Orange&White just wants to fuck her brains out (and she's considering it).
The girl leaning against the table, and the man talking w/ her... they are both obviously enjoying a flirtacious moment. I think she's more guarded than him.
And the hunched over guy on the far right: I bet he's reserved until someone says something plainly wrong.

Oddly, I feel like the white t-shirt guy on the far left, and white t-shirt guy on the far right are both people-watchers. But the more I look at them... maybe not.