♪ ♫ ★ 「Kit」 ★ ♫ ♪ (kitfallen) wrote in people_watching,
♪ ♫ ★ 「Kit」 ★ ♫ ♪

People Watching People Who Also Watch

They're standing in front of one of the buildings on my campus, circled around one another, chattering excitedly.

As I walk up I catch more of the conversation.

"People watching! I LOVE people watching!" The girl exclaims loudly.

Another girl calls their attention, "This one time, there were this bunch in the dining hall and--"

"--They thought we were all creepers, I'm sure."


"--It was so funny!"

I lose parts of the conversation as I walk inside, but all the while I am snickering to myself.
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