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Distracted in London

Newbie here, hoping I don't do this wrong.

While I was studying in London, my mom suggested I journal so as to better remember my time in London.  I walked down to the park and was going to write about museums and stuff, but everything else was just SO MUCH MORE INTRIGUING.  Voila.  What I ended up writing.

Suppositions of a Bystander
May 18th, at Hyde Park

I believe you because I don't know I don't have to:
They walk with purpose, but they walk to nowhere.
"I was like you," one girl says.  "If it weren't for him--"
The other girl is silent.

Sometimes the shortcomings of capitalism:

The pigeons fight over scraps of bread, but given a whole piece, they are at loss what to do.  Yet they learn quickly, and via the elitist mass huddle only the ones who were already there manage to get much of anything at all.

The inevitable truth of family vacations:

There are six of them, all blond and speaking German, or something like it.
Five are smiling.  One is not.

Retribution for laughing at statistics:
Couples strolling and holding hands, sitting down and holding hands, roller-blading and holding hands, and on a bench in the rose garden, a man squeezing a woman's hand and saying, "the trouble with marriage is--"

The reason why Hemingway's novels end in rain:
It will rain soon.  It is a long way back, the sky is fiercely dark, and I know if I don't leave now, I will be carrying groceries back to the flat in a downpour, but I stop anyway to write this down.

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