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Things to Make You aww on Valentines Day

there are different ways that you can 'aww' about something.

The aww in that quirky cute way. "Aww, HAHA!"

The Mustachioed hispanic gentleman in his 60s, a modern day gaucho in his acid washed black jeans, worn cowboy boots and thick black leather jacket, using the reflective surface of the bus stop's advertising space as a mirror while spritzing his silver streaked pompadour with a generous abundance of hairspray he got from his plastic bag filled with grooming supplies and flowers.

The aww in a tragically sad, way. "Aww, poor thing"

The big haired lady that sat picking through her appetizer for much longer than 45 minutes at a table she waited longer than an hour and 15 minutes for, waiting on her Paramour to arrive. Never showing, she eventually asked quietly for the check and departed. This is Olive Garden we're talking about mind you.
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